Posted by: vvincentv | September 25, 2009

NOS – Grape

nos_energy_grapeNOS Grape is again a disgrace to the NOS line.  The smell is of very light artificial grape.  The taste is horrible.  At first it tastes like a slightly sour artificial grape flavor, then it has a very sweet and gross aftertaste.  It’s not a medicinal aftertaste, but an artificially sweetened one.  You won’t be able to finish half of it before throwing it away.  It’s kind of like a Gatorade grape flavor, except it sucks hard.


Color: 8/10 (light purple)

Canister aesthetics: 9/10

Taste: 4/10

Kick: 5/10 (you won’t finish it all)

Price: 8/10

More NOS – Grape facts:

  • You won’t like it.

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