Posted by: vvincentv | August 21, 2009

Venom – Black Mamba

Venom (Black Mamba)First of all, who wants to drink something called Venom with a snake’s eye on it?  Second, what kind of flavor is “black mamba?”  Apparently Black Mamba flavor is like a typical energy drink original flavor, except way sweeter and it foams when you open the lid.  The thick aluminum bottle could be better used for a cleaner design, but instead it has black scales and a snake’s eye on it.  This energy drink just looks like it could kill you, which is not what an ordinary person wants from their energy drink.  The kick is also pretty weak.  So Venom is unpleasant in pretty much every aspect of energy drinks: physical appeal, taste, and kick.  But at least the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group tries to be original with their snake eye.


Color:  7/10 (gold, but very foamy when first opened)

Canister aesthetics:  3/10

Taste:  5/10

Kick:  5/10

Price:  6/10

More Venom Black Mamba Facts:

  • Venom’s Black Mamba flavor doesn’t taste like a black mamba.

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