Posted by: vvincentv | August 21, 2009

Rockstar Punched – Citrus

Rockstar (Punched - Citrus)

The Rockstar Punched Citrus has 50% more caffeine in it than the original Rockstar.  Too bad this doesn’t make Punched Citrus more flavorful.  Not enough sour or sweet to make it a good citrus drink.  The carbonation is weak also.  The 50% caffeine doesn’t make any difference in kick either.  No flavor, no extra kick, no carbonation, no nothing.


Color:  8/10 (light green-yellow)

Canister aesthetics:  8/10

Taste:  5/10

Kick:  7/10

Price:  8/10

More Rockstar Punched Citrus Facts:

  • Rockstar Juiced and Guava Juiced are better choices.

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